She Who Has A WHY Can Endure Any How

The other day I had to look in the mirror and have an honest conversation with myself. I noticed over the course of the winter months that my clothes were fitting a little tighter and I wasn’t feeling quite as mentally clear as I wanted. 

Even though I’ve been working out consistently, my nutrition had included a few too many handfuls of cheesy popcorn and ritz crackers. My lips had sipped a few too many adult beverages.  I really hadn’t gone overboard compared to what I used to eat before I was pursuing a healthy lifestyle, but I knew I could do better.

So I asked myself, “Why does this matter to me? Like REALLY matter?” I mean, I’m not fat. I’m not overweight in the slightest. Shouldn’t I be content and happy with the body I have? 

And then it hit me. In my heart of hearts, it really has very little to do with my body, but more to do with what’s going on in the inside. 

That’s when I was able to get to my REAL why. The WHY that makes me cry. If you could peek into the depths of my heart, you would find 4 reasons why taking care of my physical body matters to me.

 I struggle with anxiety and a bit of depression. When I’m on point with my nutrition and working out daily, I’m literally a different person than when I don’t. I feel like I’m able to be the person God created me to be! I don’t want Jake and the kids to have to deal with anxious Amber. They deserve to get the BEST version of me!

 I want to feel sexy for my husband. I want to feel confident and excited to pursue him instead of dreading the feeling of being naked in front of him. When I’m working out and eating healthy, I am a much better wife!

 I want to be in the action with my kids. I want them to grow up in an environment where they see Mommy being active WITH THEM instead of sitting on the sidelines. I want them to learn about the nutrients their body needs. I also want them to learn how to have balance, so they know we don’t have to be obsessive about our health, but we can have balance. They WILL see me eating ice cream once in a while WITHOUT GUILT! 🙌🏻

 I want to be around for the long haul! As my kids grow up and eventually have their own kids, I want to know that I did my part to take care of my physical body. I want to be there for them, to be able to jump in and help without any physical limitations that could have been preventable!

Whew! That’s a LOT, but if I’m going to stay on the straight and narrow, I need to continually remind myself of my WHY.

Have you been wanting to shed the Winter weight and become your fittest self for this summer?! I would LOVE for us to do it together! I have an online boot camp starting on Monday April 3rd. I know we can get into the BEST emotional and physical shape of our lives if we lean on each other and stay committed to our WHYS! I’ll be sharing the workouts and nutrition I personally use that help me to reach my goals along with DAILY encouragement!

Please fill out the form below to request information! As soon as I receive it I will shoot you an email! 




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