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Moments Mommy Captured: 2/3/2013

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! This momma is home a bit early from the party we were at to put my sweet babe to sleep. Bay is usually in bed by 7:30, so he was definitely to his breaking point by the time we got home around 9:00. Thankfully we were just down the street so the crabbiness was short-lived. Since I have a little time to kill before the hubs gets back, I thought it’d be the perfect time to share a few moments I captured this week.


Baylen is officially using utensils on his own! He’s done it here and there for the last couple months, but just recently he insisted on doing it consistently. He polishes off his entire bowl of oatmeal without my help, and is obsessed with using his fork to pick up anything that he can stab. I love getting to watch his little mind put things together.

IMG_6978Madison made these delicious enchiladas with sweet potatoes. You seriously need to make her recipe – so yummy!


The twins were 30 weeks on Wednesday! This is one of two workout tops that still fits me – that belly has about reached its limit, folks. Every day I just keep lathering on the cocoa butter as I wish away what I’m guessing are inevitable stretch marks, and hope that my skin has a liiiiittle more to give.


Jake totally made my week when he surprised Baylen with this miniature vacuum. Bay can’t get enough of it. He gets to keep it in the closet next to my big vacuum, and he frequently runs over and points at the door, wanting to get it out. I’m going to start calling him my cleaning accountability partner because it’s not enough to have his vacuum out by himself. Instead, he immediately points to my vacuum too because he wants to do it together! We train ’em young around here.



The cribs are up in the girls’ room! We are hoping to finish up the nursery this week and I’m excited to show you pictures. Baylen knows that this is the babies’ room and loves to grab daddy’s screw driver and “fix the cribs”.

IMG_7027We are soaking up these last weeks as a family of three. We had a weekend of being out and about, just loving on our little guy. I love those two guys so much.

IMG_7041Our favorite pizza place in Minnesota is the Italian Pie Shoppe on Grand Ave. in St. Paul. We highly recommend their stuffed pizza. This was Baylen’s maiden voyage and he absolutely DOWNED the ‘za.



IMG_8505Bath time around here lately has been a hoot! Bay loves it when Daddy splashes him with water. It totally cracks him up. Here’s a short video…and yes, we let him play with hangers in the tub…some days you just have to pick your battles.


Sometimes he thinks it’s pretty fun to sit on the bench with Mommy and Daddy instead of in his high chair. I guess it’s all part of becoming a big brother.

Question: What was a highlight from your week? 

Here’s to another week!


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