Bikini After Babies

SwingsMany of us have probably heard it said that we should give ourselves as much time to get rid of the baby weight as it took to put it on. Well friends, that means my time is up. Last week I reached the milestone when Emersyn and Mckinley have officially been out of my belly longer than they were in it. They’re nine months old!

Ironically, on the day they turned nine months, I was on the beach wearing my swimsuit. There’s nothing like putting on a bathing suit in the dead of winter to awaken some internal struggles about postpartum body image. Let me tell you, since the girls were born, it has been an uphill battle fighting for perspective to see myself as beautiful despite my forever changed body. There have been weeks when I feel pretty good with my progress, and other ones when I hide underneath oversized sweatshirts and yoga pants.Pina ColadaIt’s been one heck of a journey, but I’m thankful to be able to say that I’m gradually settling into a healthy body image. I’ve learned things about myself that have brought me to a place where I feel confident in my postpartum body. I’ve learned that it’s much more than a number on a scale. Technically, I lost the baby weight fairly quickly in just a matter of weeks after the twins were born, but toning up and retraining my muscles was a long process and it took months of hard work before I felt like myself again. Even now, I know my body will never be the same. My stomach will probably always have a little pouch that will be tough to get rid of, my belly button will most likely be an outie from here on, and my short experience being well endowed thanks to breastfeeding has disappeared forever. But instead of letting those things make me feel insecure, I consider them my “mommy beauty marks”. They remind me of the miraculous transformation my body was able to make to form my precious children.SwingingDuring my twin pregnancy, I wasn’t sure I’d ever want to put on another two piece swimsuit. My body stretched in ways I never thought were possible, so I didn’t have any expectations. However, thanks to the active lifestyle I was able to maintain before and after they were born, I bounced back. Wearing my two piece isn’t so much about caring how others see me, but it’s about how I see myself. Being a mom doesn’t mean I need to look at my body and feel stale and run down.amber bikiniSo yes, nine months after I gave birth to my gorgeous baby girls, I wore a bikini. In Cancun, Mexico. In front of my husband’s colleagues. It was something I never imagined I’d be comfortable doing after having three kids, but I’m proud of myself for going for it. It reminded me that I’m still me, and that I didn’t leave my identity on the delivery table.  In fact, in order to take the best care of my little ones, it’s all the more important for me to take care of myself and feel confident. When I feel my best, I give them my best.



P.S. A few more pics from our trip…Mexico Hibachi DateMexico Jake and AmberGroup picGroup drinks







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  1. Renee @ Fit For Motherhood

    You look amazing. I have 5 month old twins, as well as a 4 and 2 year old and I feel exactly the same way. I never thought I would be able to wear a bikini again but I know there is hope and I plan on it. That was beautifully written. Thank you.

  2. Erin

    Amber, you look awesome! Body image is such a hard topic in the modern world–especially following the values of Christ–and I’m so glad you’re open about the struggle that all of us have! You are gorgeous inside and out and I’m positive you are such a great wife and mom. Keep it up, pretty lady! :)

  3. Cate @ Wild Ruffle

    You look amazing – and this is so well said. As someone who struggled for years with an eating disorder, it’s taken me a lot of hard mental/physical work to be ok with the changes that having twins created on my tummy. But I’m truly in a good place with it – I might look different than I did before, but I’m fit and healthy and HAPPY. :)

    So glad you got some time away!

    • MommysMeTime

      It’s crazy how those struggles can come creeping back when we have kids. YOU look amazing! I couldn’t believe you had twins when I saw how great you looked at our get together! I agree with you, through it all, our bodies did an amazing thing and we are fit mommas!

  4. Jenny

    Great blog Amber! You are such a great mom and very talented…I seriously don’t know how you do it all. So fun meeting you and Jake in Mexico. Merry Christmas to you and your cute family :)

  5. Kara

    I am a new reader! I find your blog to be refreshing and just what I need.

    You look absolutely fantastic!!! Great diet and exercise help A LOT but I think it’s important to mention that genetics play a big role too! Every body responds differently to pregnancy, and sometimes a little or a lot of sagging skin is just in the cards.
    My boys will be 3 in April and I thank God every day that they were healthy, but I’m still battling body image issues.

    • MommysMeTime

      Hi Kara! Thank you for stopping by! I couldn’t agree with you more. Genetics truly do play such a huge role…there is a lot that we don’t have control over. I think our bodies changing is one way God asks us to find our identity and confidence in Him, but man it isn’t easy. Wow, three year old boys! I’m sure you are a busy momma! It sounds like you are an amazing mommy! Look forward to getting to know you more!

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