No Bow No Go Series: DIY Pom Pom Headband

It’s Friday! Before I move on to this new headband series, I want to congratulate Kristen S. who was randomly selected by to win the $50 gift card to LOFT! Kristen also happens to be a twin mommy – so fun! Thank you to everybody who entered and made the giveaway an amazing success. I’m looking forward to hosting more in the future!

Today, we’re moving away from mommy fashion, and on to baby fashion! As many of you know, I had a boy first before having my twin girls, so I think I get extra excited to get them all cutsied up. I love picking out their girly clothes every day. I love painting their their toenails. And I’m really looking forward to the day when I get to braid and curl their hair! However, for now they remain my bald beauties and I think it will be quite some time until their blonde fuzzies turn into anything bald is okay, except for those handful of times when we’ve been out and about that people have mistaken my girls for boys. Apparently a pink car seat, pink blankets, and girly clothes aren’t enough! The few instances Baylen was mistaken for a girl I guess I didn’t really care, but you better not be callin’ my girls boys! SO, I remedied that. The new rule in our house is: “NO BOW…NO GO!”photo-77photo-76Ever since I found out we were having girls, I’ve been on the hunt for headbands. I found a few here and there, but have struggled to find cute ones that are as affordable as I’d like. So I set out to make my own. Over the next few weeks, I’m gonna share a few different methods I’ve discovered, and hopefully by the end of the series we’ll all have a decent collection. If you don’t have girls, I’m sure you know someone who does. These would make great baby gifts, or if you’re hosting a baby shower, it’d be a fun activity to do to with guests and awesome takeaways for the mom-to-be! photo-78Okay, let’s get started! All of the headbands pictured were made using the same method, just adapting it a bit to get a few different looks. (I also used this method to make wall flowers for the girls’ nursery!)

Supplies Neededphoto-68


-Cotton fabric in various colors. For a point of reference, 1/3 of a yard will make about 3 – 4 headbands.

-Tulle in various colors

-Scissors or fabric cutter

-Hot glue gun & glue

-Elastic (cheapest to buy it by the yard)

-Any extra bling you want to add to them

1. Cut out two felt circles, about 1.5 inches in Cut out lots and lots of colored fabric circles, about 2 1/4 inches in diameter, although you can make them any size, depending on how big of a flower you want. The circles don’t have to be perfect. It won’t matter. photo-673. Take a circle (let’s not worry about layering the tulle for now…I’ll cover that later) and fold it in half both ways. photo-71 4. Place a dot of hot glue in the center of the felt circle and glue the tip of the “petal” to the felt, pushing down firmly with your fingers. Be careful not to burn your finger with the hot Continue gluing folded circles until the felt is full, or you have the desired flower shape you like. photo-79photo-725. Leave it as is, or add a few jewels or feathers. photo-646. Cut your elastic to the desired length. Leave a bit extra on the end (approx.1/4″) so you can overlap the elastic when it is glued. Measure around your baby’s head, or use this size chart. The recommended lengths are as follows (including the extra at the end).

  • Newborn – 13 3/4″
  • 3-6 Months – 15″
  • 6-12 Months – 16 1/4″
  • 12m – Tween – 17 1/4″
  • Adult – 18 1/4″

7. Glue the elastic ends Glue the flower to the headband. After attaching the flower, glue the second felt circle to the back. The finished product will look like this from the back. photo-74


You can make each headband look slightly different by adding multiple colors or cuts. I’ll show you a few examples. With this one, I glued a green and dark pink circle together with a small dot of glue in the middle. Then I proceeded to glue them on using the method above, but alternating which color was facing up.  photo-84With this one, I cut the slits in the circles before gluing them on. photo-75photo-87With the next one, I glued colors together AND cut this green one, I cut even more slits, but only used one color. photo-83photo-86For the purple one, I glued three circles of tulle to the top of the purple fabric

It’s as simple as that! As you have seen, the variations are limitless. You can create countless headbands for the price of one that you’d buy from a store, and no one else will have another just like it!

Go have fun making some pretties for the girlies in your life! I’ll be back next week with another way to add some glam to our babies!



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Indoor Activities for a Toddler Big Brother

Baylen has been so patient and gentle as he gets to know his little sisters. It’s the sweetest thing to watch. However, there is only so much “sit and be gentle” that a little 17 month old can take before he reaches his limit. Since we’re pretty much house bound until our four pound twins get bigger, we’ve been doing our best to come up with activities to keep him occupied.

Here are a few things that are working well.

1. Helping with the babies. Baylen loves to help with tummy time. He’ll lay down and stare, sometimes holding their hands or pointing to different parts on their face. IMG_8434He is also great at helping us to “check on the girls.” He knows what this means, and will go over to his little step stool and smile a proud big brother smile.IMG_8451His favorite thing this week has been to give the babies their pacifiers. He doesn’t care if they really want them or not, he tries his best to wiggle them in their little mouths. IMG_8403

2. Baylen’s quiet book. Grandma sewed him a book that is teaching him how to dress himself. There are overall hooks, zippers, buttons, snaps, and velcro. IMG_84993. Baylen’s Thomas crayon holder. Two of Baylen’s favorite things are coloring and Thomas the Tank Engine. So, grandma came to the rescue again and combined his two loves! He has fun getting the crayons in and out of the special holder.IMG_8492IMG_84934. Filling a milk carton. He is absolutely intrigued by the small opening and big carton. We’re working his fine motor skills by fill it with various things like Cheerios. He then loves to dump it all out!IMG_84005. First adventure with markers. I happened to have a large piece of empty tagboard, so I decided to give markers a whirl. He couldn’t get enough of it, and neither could his clothes or nose. It was a bit of a mess, but sometime messes are totally worth the joy they bring!IMG_83936. Learning shapes. It’s amazing how the free things usually end up providing the best entertainment. We cut out shapes in a cardboard box and ask him to put various items in the circle, square, triangle, or rectangle. IMG_8261And that’s a peak into Baylen’s life lately. Thankfully the weather is getting nicer by the day and soon we’ll be able to move on to lots of outdoor activities as well!

Until then, you’ll find me enjoying all the inside snuggles I can with my precious kids. IMG_8496IMG_8397

Have a wonderful evening!


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Bath Paint for Kids


Happy Thursday! I fully intended on having the twins’ nursery ready to reveal today, but as many of you mommies know, when there are household catastrophes like melted red crayons in your dryer and dishwasher, those clean-ups take preference. Here’s to hoping I’ll be able to get back to the nursery soon!

In an effort to occupy Baylen with an activity that couldn’t result in red stains on white shirts, I opted to do something that was contained to the bathtub this time. I saw this awesome idea on Caitlyn’s blog recently, and was so excited to give it a try. Thanks for the great idea, Caitlyn!



Baylen loves to take baths, and since those minutes are some of the only ones throughout the day when I can keep him contained to a small space, I try to take full advantage and turn it into a “classroom”. I’m working on teaching him colors right now, so often times we’ll sort his fishies into groups, and I’ll ask him to point to the blue fishy, then the red fishy, ect. Well, this bath paint was also perfect for teaching! Not only did he love to explore the texture, but we also talked about what colors he was using as he painted!

Another major benefit of the bath paint? We did it right before his nap and it really helped to soothe and relax him. His eyes were getting pretty heavy by the end.


Bath Paint for Kids


-2 tablespoons corn starch per color

-1/3 cup kid friendly soap per color

-food coloring

-enough water to give it a paint like consistency

-muffin tin


Directions: Stir ingredients together in muffin cups.



Since Baylen isn’t at an age where he can stand confidently in water, I just plopped him in the dry tub with the paint and let him go to town so he wouldn’t slip and fall. When he was finished, we rinsed out the paint and gave him a bath to get him squeaky clean. Easy as that!

IMG_8750Question: What bath time activities did you/do you do with your kiddos? 


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DIY: Fabric Wall Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re in a relationship or single today, you are SO DEEPLY LOVED!

I’m spending my Valentine’s Day afternoon crafting up some love for the twins’ nursery! Believe it or not, they will be here in just 5 weeks, maybe even sooner! We are working on final touches for their room, and wanted to find something to spruce up the wall above their cribs. I didn’t want to hang anything that could come crashing down on them, so we opted to paint a chalkboard and nail some trim around it. To add pops of color, I’m working on these adorable wall flowers that we’ll be able to securely tack to the wall.

IMG_8652These are simple to make, and take about 30 minutes per wall flower from start to finish. What I love about this technique is that it could be adapted to make endless sized projects! I’ve made a necklace out of mini flowers, and am planning to make the girls some headbands as well!

DIY: Fabric Wall Flowers

IMG_8635Supplies needed:

-1 yard cotton fabric

-1 felt square

-scissors or rotary fabric cutter

-hot glue gun and glue


1. Cut a felt circle that has a diameter of 5 inches. This will serve as the backing for the flower.

IMG_86382. Fold the fabric so you can cut out as many 5 inch diameter circles as possible from the yard. If you have a rotary fabric cutter like I used, I folded the fabric so I only had to make four cuts, since it cuts through quite a few layers. If using a scissors, you’ll probably have to spend a little more time cutting out the circles.

IMG_86393. Now that you have your circles cut out, you’re ready to begin the flower constructing process!

IMG_86434. Taking one fabric circle at a time, fold it in half both ways until you have a shape that looks like the second picture below.


IMG_86455. Place a dot of hot glue in the center of the felt circle and glue the tip of the “petal” to the felt, pushing down firmly with your fingers. Be careful not to burn your finger with the hot glue.

IMG_86466. Repeat that process, working in a circle from the center of the felt to the outside, placing the tips of the petals as close to each other as possible.

IMG_86477. Be sure to lift up the previous petals before you glue the next piece to make sure you cover all the felt and your flower is nice and plush.

IMG_86488. The flower is finished when you’ve used up all the fabric!

IMG_8649Here’s a sneak peak of how our flowers are looking in the nursery! I’m excited to finish the rest of them up! Be on the lookout for a nursery reveal post sometime during the next week!

IMG_8660Question: Have you done a DIY flower project of any sort? If so, please share what you did and how you used it!

Happy crafting!


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DIY: Valentine’s Day Photo Bookmarks

I’ve never been very good at sending out cards for various occassions. In fact, I’m lucky if I get birthday cards out in time or at all. However, it’s something I’m working on and hope to get better at. I think having kids makes this a little easier because it’s so fun to mail out cute stuff on their behalf!

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I’ve been working on some simple homemade valentines that I’m planning to send out to the grandparents and a few others. I wanted them to be functional enough to keep around for a while, so I opted to make giant photo bookmarks!

If Baylen was a little older, he could have participated more, but for this year he’s in charge of adding the stickers, which he can’t get enough of right now.

DIY: Valentine’s Day Photo Bookmarks

Supplies needed: 

– 8 x 11 construction paper

-rubber cement or glue


-hole punch

-markers (not pictured)


-paint chips (free at home improvement stores)

-ribbon, yarn, or string




What To Do:

1. Glue two pieces of construction paper together.IMG_8576


2. Tri-fold the paper.IMG_8579


3. Cut into three separate pieces, each one will serve as one bookmark. Punch a hole in each one. IMG_8580


4. Take two paint chips and fold them in half together. Draw half a heart on the back, then cut them out to get two identical hearts. IMG_8582IMG_8583


5. Glue a heart to each side of the bookmark.IMG_8584


6. Add a photo to each side. Tie on a ribbon, and decorate each side as you wish. IMG_8585

That’s all it takes! I’m thinking I may use the heart scraps to frame a few pictures for around our house. IMG_8590

Now if only I can make the final step and get these babies in envelopes and to the mail box, I’ll call it a success!

Question: Does anyone else struggle to stay on top of mailing out cards? For those of you who are great at it, what’s your strategy for success? 

Happy Thursday, Everyone!




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DIY: Ladder Towel Rack

Upon moving into this house, we discovered that none of the bathrooms had towel racks. We installed new ones in our last house and knew that it could turn into an expensive project if you simply go to Home Depot or Menards. Therefore, this time around we tried to be a bit thrifty. After several trips to Home Goods I found enough matching towel racks to cover most of the bathrooms, and they were only a fraction of the price of home improvement stores. With the last bathroom, which is a small water closet on our main floor, I wanted to doing something more creative.

I decided a ladder would make for a perfect towel rack, so we set out to get the supplies. At the home improvement store we purchased wooden dowels, a couple wooden strips for the sides, and wood screws. We had leftover stain from my DIY: Pegboard Jewelry Organizer, so we didn’t have to worry about purchasing more of that.

I put Jake to work and within about 20 minutes he had the ladder assembled. After that he put a couple coats of stain on, and voila! Done and done! All it took was a few measurements, cuts, and drilling, and we had not only a functional towel rack, but a decorative piece for our water closet. Even if you don’t have much handyman experience, this project isn’t too tough to figure out.


The total price for this little baby came in at around $10! I’m thinking of decorating a couple other places in our house using ladders to perform other functions. I’ll keep you posted if we come up with something that’s worth sharing!

Question of the Day: 

Do you have a functional DIY piece in your home that you’re particularly excited about? I need inspiration! 

Make it a wonderful day today!





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DIY: Pegboard Jewelry Organizer

Our little family moved into a different house about a month ago, which means we’ve been busy unpacking and finding places to keep our things. We’ve moved several times since we were married five years ago, and each time my jewelry has been neglected, ending up in a dresser drawer with no organization whatsoever.


When I saw pegboards on Pinterest being used as jewelry organizers, I immediately knew I wanted some variation for my own closet. Jake and I set out for Home Depot a couple weeks ago and picked up a 2′ by 4′ white wooden pegboard, some trimboard, stain, picture hangers, and peghooks. This project came together for around $25, which is much less than buying a standard jewelry box!

After staining the piece of trimboard, my handy husband made some angled cuts so he could nail it on to create a perfectly sized frame for the border. He also added a wood frame to the back of the board so that it could sit flush against the wall and I’d be able to easily add peg hooks without having to pull it away from the wall.


Jake of course had his little helper intently watching his every move. That little guy sure loves his daddy.


I’m really happy with how the finished product turned out! Being able to see all my jewelry displayed as I get dressed has encouraged me to wear it more often which always makes me feel a little more put together. I’m also glad we went with a big pegboard because I can rearrange the pegs as I like and have lots of room to grow into it.


If you don’t have access to the tools or manpower to cut and make your own frame, or prefer a different size, you could find a frame you like and ask the workers at the home improvement store to cut the pegboard to fit the size of your frame. Then simply frame it like a picture and hang it up!

Even though most of my jewelry is fairly inexpensive and comes from Target or Forever 21, it’s nice to know I’m taking good care of it and don’t have to worry about everything getting tangled in my dresser anymore. Check one organization project off the list!

Question for the Day:

How do you organize your jewelry? 

Have a great Thursday! Take a few minutes to organize something in your life today!



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