Official Sign Up For Monday’s Boot Camp: HUGE Sale Just Released!


I’ve had a flood of questions coming in today because corporate JUST released a HUGE sale on our most popular fitness package! This the the LAST day to sign up for my boot camp that starts on MONDAY! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you! These groups changed my life, and that’s why  I spend my days running them for you!

To make sure I have a chance to get the information out to all of you, I wanted to put together a quick blog post about the details!

W H E N: This online bootcamp will run from April 3 – 30 (with wiggle room to enjoy a few Easter treats!)! It will be a boot camp where we’ll have you working out regularly at your convenience and getting nutrition that your body will be ENERGIZED by!

In addition to becoming physically healthy, we’ll be diving into emotional health. I’ll be sharing daily encouragement so we can conquer the voices that are inside our heads and overcome the lies of insecurity, fear, condemnation, and shame that hold us back from living life to the fullest! We’ll be incorporating the book, “Present Over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist which will help us embrace God’s grace throughout the process! My prayer for all of us as we head into the warm weather months is that we’d remember how beautifully and wonderfully we were made. That by taking just 30 minutes a day to take care of our physical body, we’d be reminded how we were designed to be strong and energetic to live our LIFE! We’ve all been created uniquely, in our own shape and size. This summer, I want to help you feel 100% confident in YOUR skin. 

Oftentimes, the biggest piece that holds people back from reaching their health and fitness goals is a lack of accountability. As your coach, it will be an honor to create a safe place for you to be held accountable. If you fully commit to this, I am confident that you will leave this boot camp in the best shape of your life. 

H O W  I T  W I L L  W O R K 

As soon as you sign up, I will place you in a group with about 20 other ladies who have similar goals as you. Between now and the start date I’ll be posting information in there to get you set up for success! Just before the challenge starts, I’ll ask you to take before pictures and measurements in your swimsuit (if you’re comfortable) and you’d submit them to me privately (no one else will see them). When the boot camp officially starts on the 3rd, I’ll be posting daily encouragement posts and conversation starters for us to get to know each other and help each other grow in the areas of physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual health. I’ll also be asking you to check in and let me know that you finished your workout each day. At the end, I’ll ask you to take after pictures and it will be such a FUN day to celebrate your success!

T H E  T O O L S  W E ‘ L L  U S E

For this boot camp, you’ll be using choosing Beachbody fitness workouts that you’re most excited about! 

I started with the 21 Day Fix and I highly recommend it for starting out with Beachbody programs! If you would consider yourself someone who needs an intermediate or advanced level workout, you might want to consider the 21 Day Fix EXTREME. Other programs I love are 22 Minute Hard Corps and Insanity Max 30! The key is to find a program you look forward to and excited about so that you ACTUALLY do it! The great part, is that you will have access to Beachbody On Demand which includes ALL the workout programs Beachbody has ever created, including the classics like P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Body Beast, and dozens more! I can explain all the workouts available to you and help you find the perfect fit! 

Let me tell you a little bit about how I discovered the 21 Day Fix. I was at a point post baby #4 when my maternity clothes were too big, but I still wasn’t fitting into my pre baby clothes comfortably. I didn’t feel my best and it was affecting my mood toward my husband and kids. I spent most of my days wearing yoga pants and baggy sweatshirts to try to hide my problem areas. We had also been so busy with the kids that we weren’t prioritizing nutrition. We’d order in take-out several times a week and our diet was pretty heavy in carbs. We were operating in survival mode, and I was sick of it. I reached a low one day when I realized that I had to make a lifestyle change. I wanted to kick the extra baby weight and flab to the curb once and for all and needed something to give me a little extra motivation. Enter the 21 Day Fix, which consists of seven different boot camp style workouts and portion control containers to teach you how to eat the right amounts of each food group.

While doing their fitness programs I encourage my clients to drink Shakeology, which is a premium superfood shake containing healthy ingredients, including super-proteins, super-fruits, super-greens, antioxidants, adaptogen herbs, pre and pro-biotics, and digestive enzymes. The amazing benefits come from herbs, roots, fruits, and vegetables that range from the commonly known, like pomegranate and blueberry, to the exotic, like goji berry and maca root. These incredible whole food ingredients from around the world are uncooked and unprocessed, making them easily digestible in our bodies. I’ve been drinking Shakeology daily for 2 years now, and I can’t begin to tell you how much it helps me to stay on track. It gives me the energy I need, has helped to curb my cravings for junk food, and is an easy way to get a meal in when I’m busy! Time and time again, my clients who incorporate Shakeology into their diet are hands down more successful than the ones who don’t!

We don’t release new Shakeology flavors often because Beachbody is committed to using only natural ingredients & not sacrificing the nutritional superiority for flavor, but this year we added Cafe Latte to our flavor list. If you’re a coffee lover I’d highly recommend it! My favorite recipe is to blend it with a little almond butter, milk, and ice!

If you happen to be breastfeeding, I’d recommend checking with your doctor about Shakeology! My doctor was very excited about it, and I have several nursing mommas who have actually noticed a slight increase in production while drinking it because of the additional vitamins and minerals! 

Here are the instructions to sign up! 

1. Purchase an ALL ACCESS challenge pack. This is the BEST DEAL in fitness right now. Like I mentioned above, you will get access not only to ONE fitness program, but you will get access to ALL the Beachbody programs we have ever made including the new programs they’ll be releasing for an ENTIRE year. 

Here are the details: 

Annual All Access Challenge Pack

SALE PRICE: $160 (Regularly $199!) 

What’s Included: 

1) 1-Year Membership to Beachbody On Demand (BOD) with all content included, plus new future releases. Beachbody On Demand is like Netflix for workouts. You can stream them anywhere with a wi-fi connection! I never use DVDs anymore because the BOD app is so much more convenient. 

2) Shakeology (choice of 30-day supply on Home Direct)

3) Portion Fix (includes 7-piece portion control container set, eating guide, large blue container & shaker cup)

If you’ve purchased from Beachbody in the past under a different coach and are no longer working with them, before you order you’ll have to request that I’m your official coach! You can do this by calling 1-800- 240-0913 or going here https://faq.beachbody.com/app/ask/lob/team and including my coach ID which is 594725 and the email associated with my account which is amber@mommysmetime.com. After you receive confirmation that I’m your coach you can place your order.

Go to http://www.teambeachbody.com/amberkuiper, click on Beachbody Challenge, then Challenge Packs, then select the Annual, All Access Challenge Pack! Be sure my coach ID is applied at checkout: 594725.

After you’ve placed your order, please fill out this form! Then I’ll send you a link to join the group!

After you complete this boot camp, you are welcome to stick with me and join me for as many boot camps as you want – with the all access pass you can hang out with me for the WHOLE year! More than anything, I want this to become a long term lifestyle for you, and I want to support you the whole way!

I’m so glad I took a chance on myself two years ago. I feel confident in my own skin, and best of all, I have SO much more to give my family!

Oh, my husband Jake will also be leading an ALL GUYS group starting on Monday! You and your husband can both use your Beachbody On Demand subscription! If you’d like more details about that, please shoot me an email! amber@mommysmetime.com!

Please let me know if you have ANY other questions! I will happily answer them via email at amber@mommysmetime.com! I can’t wait to get started!!!



I share many more “real life” mom moments on Facebook and Instagram. I’d love for you to follow along on our crazy, not perfect, incredible journey. Follow me on Instagram: (@mommysmetimeblog) and Facebook (Mommy’s Me Time).

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