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My Thoughts On Expecting Baby #4

I broke the news on Facebook and Instagram yesterday, but wanted to write a post to share a little more about how I’m feeling about Baby #4! For those of you who didn’t see the announcement, we’re expecting a fourth baby in September! I’m 14 1/2 weeks along with an official due date of September 12! Kuiper Final FourWe’re so excited to meet this sweet baby. And yes, there’s just one this time! I’m pretty sure the ultrasound tech thought I was crazy for asking her to triple and quadruple check! Since I didn’t find out until 20 weeks that I was having twins after having two previous ultrasounds, it’s a bit of an understatement to say I thought it necessary to do our due diligence. You can bet I’ll be asking them to check again at every appointment. 🙂

When this babe is born, Baylen will still be two for another month, and Emersyn and Mckinley will be 18 months. This means we’ll have a short period where we’ll have four kids under three! To a lot of people this sounds absolutely crazy, but to be honest I couldn’t be more thrilled to have them all so close in age. Sure, it’ll be nuts for a few years, or maybe for the next 20 years, but it’s going to be so special for them to be best buds and interested in a lot of the same things as they grow up. Family vacations are going to be a blast!

We’ve always wanted four kids, and our desire was to have them close together. I just feel so blessed that God thought it was a good plan too. We figure we’re in baby mode right now, so we might as well stay here, embrace the craziness, and then move on to the next phase!

Now that I’m in the second trimester, I’m starting to feel a lot better. It’s obviously not perfect, and some days are still filled with nausea and fatigue, but I am so glad to be moving on toward brighter days. Taking care of three littles while puking and feeling icky is no joke! Thank goodness my kids all take an afternoon nap at the same time so I can sneak in some shut eye when I need it.

With that said, I hope to be back to blogging a little more consistently now that I’m past the first tri. Certain things have had to be pushed to the back burner so I can make time to grow this little human! It took me some time to adjust because I had finally just felt like I was on top of things, and then the sudden tiredness set in, but goodness what a great problem to have. My kids are my priority and every bit of sacrifice is totally worth it!

We are truly over the moon excited for Baby Kuiper #4. We already have a boy name picked out, but per usual, landing on a girl name is always a struggle for us. Good thing we have plenty of time to decide!

Thank you to all of you who have already shown excitement and support for us. We are so blessed to have a community of people around us who pray for us, affirm us, and cheer us on. I thank God often for you!





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  1. Congratulations!!! I’ve read your blog once in while & it gives me encouragement raising my 20 month old. We’re due with baby #2 August 16 & we couldn’t be more excited!! May God keep you & your baby healthy throughout your pregnancy.

  2. Congratulations again, Amber! So so exciting. Your kids will have such a blast growing up together. What a blessing! I’m sure we all can’t wait to read about how everything goes! Looking forward to meeting the baby in September! 🙂

  3. I totally agree that it’s fun to have kids close together – we are on board with the “what’s one more when it’s already crazy?!” idea. Also, I have a friend with 4 under 4 (2 were adopted) and she assures me that it’s actually easier to have more. They all play together and she has to be more disciplined and scheduled. We are hoping to take a longer break between littles this time for my body to heal a bit, but are excited to have more as well. Congrats, Amber. You are blessed! (also, thanks for sharing your heart and modeling a good attitude)

  4. Congrats! My husband and I were discussing similar thoughts about how we are already in baby mode and how it can be “easier” to stay here with having another rather than waiting. Love that they will all be best of buds!

  5. Congratulating! So just a thought but have you looked into what you are going to do for a stroller with 4? I know you are an active family and you enjoy your walks with the kids. Maybe it’s still too soon to be thinking if this 🙂

    1. Haha good question! The stroller we have has an option to add a little stand on the back that they call the “hitchhiker” where Baylen will be able to stand. I won’t be able to jog, but at least I’ll be able to get them from place to place! We’ll see how it works! 🙂

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