July Bootcamp Options!

I can hardly believe that we are in the FINAL days of JUNE! How the heck did that happen?! I swear, time just goes SOOO much faster as you get older!

A quick recap of how my personal journey has been going lately:

I am continuing to LOVE the high fat, moderate protein, low carb lifestyle. It’s something that I feel I can very easily implement into my day to day life!

A typical day of eating might include:

Breakfast: bacon & bggs

Lunch: Shakeology, full fat plain greek yogurt + berries

Snacks: Cheese & Nuts

Dinner: Steak, salad, and veggies

I snapped this last night before bed, so this is what my body looks like currently! It’s extremely important with you that I’m honest and transparent, and that you know that I’m in the trenches working hard WITH YOU!

I feel lean, strong, ENERGETIC (oh my goodness I have never had this much energy) and ready to take on ALL that mom life entails!

With that said, I’m SOOOO excited about JULY! I’ve really stepped things up a notch and have THREE amazing options for you to choose from!

As far as nutrition goes for these groups, we will share a couple eating plan options, and you will choose which one best fits YOUR lifestyle and goals! You aren’t required to incorporate the high fat plan that I’m using by any means! I truly don’t believe there is one way of eating that fits all! My goal is to help you identify how YOUR specific body with thrive!

Please click on the link to request information for the group that you’re most excited about! As soon as I receive the form, I will email you information ASAP!

JULY 3: Abs & Booty Bootcamp + Shift Shop Test Group!

This boot camp will be FIVE weeks long! The first TWO weeks will include a workout calendar that will target your abs and booty! Then the last three weeks, you will have the chance to try our NEWEST workout program called SHIFT SHOP, which release on July 14! In 5 weeks you will be AMAZED by what your body can do! Workouts will range from 25 – 45 minutes long!

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JULY 10: RUN Strong Bootcamp

Calling ALL RUNNERS! This 4 week boot camp is designed to introduce you to cross training workouts that will turn you into a stronger, faster, and leaner runner! We will provide you with a workout schedule that includes mileage and specific cross training workouts for each day, which will be found inside Beachbody On Demand. We will have calendars for beginners and intermediates.

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July 17th: Mommy Makeover Boot Camp

This one is for all the POSTPARTUM moms out there who are tired of feeling FRUMPY! As a mom, it’s HARD to remember to take time for yourself! During this boot camp, my sister-in-law, Madison from Espresso & Cream, and I will be co-leading you through 3 weeks of tips to help you prioritize SELF CARE when you’re a busy momma! This will include fitness, nutrition, hair, make-up, skin care, whatever you need! Madison just had her second baby in May and is starting her postpartum journey! She will be sharing exactly how she’s making it work with two kids under three! Whether your baby is a newborn OR heading off to kindergarten, it’s never too late to start prioritizing YOU!

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If you have specific questions about any of these options, feel free to email me at amber@mommysmetime.com!



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