Easy Healthy Meal Ideas For Moms With Babies Link-Up

I’ve found one of the most challenging things to accomplish during the baby stage is getting supper on the table for my family each night. Early evening isn’t a likely time to have two hands free to cook a meal. It becomes a juggling act of finding something to keep the babies distracted and happy long enough to throw together the quickest and easiest thing I can think of, which can easily end up being eggs and pancakes or throwing a take and bake pizza in the oven.

While I’m completely okay with pizza or pancakes on occasion, I’d like to make sure I’m consistently serving my family foods that contain a bit more nutrition. I want to serve well-balanced meals that my husband looks forward to when he gets home after a long day at work. Meals that put us on a trajectory toward many more healthy years together. And I want healthy eating to be part of my kids’ lifestyles from the get-go!

After talking to other moms, I’ve realized that I’m not alone in this endeavor. Most of us want to provide life-giving meals to our families. We want the best for the people we love the most. But how? When the baby starts fussing and we’re supposed to eat in a half hour, what’s a mom to do?

Well I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I do know that the times I’m able to get a nutritious meal on the table is when I plan ahead and either throw something in the crock pot while the babies are sleeping, or rely on simple recipes that are easy to throw together in a few minutes (likely while holding a baby).

I have a good friend who had a baby a couple months ago and she asked if I would share some of my favorite crock-pot recipes. Then a few days later I talked to some other ladies in my Bible study and they were sharing tips and tricks that help make supper time less stressful. It got me thinking about how great it would be to help each other out and share our go-to recipes!

I’ll go first and then I’ll let you know how you can participate!

A round-up of Mommy’s Me Time easy recipes…

Slow Cooker Chicken TacosIMG_9642

Chicken Cordon BleuIMG_9581

Homemade Dump & Taste Chicken SoupIMG_8241

Crock Pot Hamburgersphoto-34

Quick Chicken CacciatoreIMG_9377

Spaghetti BakeIMG_9410

Easy Healthy Meal Ideas For Moms With Babies Link-Up

Here’s where you come in.

What recipes or tips would you suggest to moms with babies? Whether you’re in the baby stage currently or have survived through it, your advice is invaluable! Please share what you’ve learned! What may seem like not a big deal to you could be a new idea for someone else! I’d love for you to share anything that comes to mind…please? I think I speak for many moms when I say I’m in desperate need of some new inspiration!

To participate, please leave a comment below in which you either provide links to your favorite recipes or you simply type out the recipe. Remember, tips and tricks are welcome too! If you have a blog, please link up so we can see what you’ve made for your families!

*I have a link to this post on my sidebar so it will be easy to refer back when we’re in need of a new recipe to freshen things up, or discover a new one that we want to share with each other.

Thanks for your help! I’m looking forward to trying your recipes in weeks to come!

Happy meal planning!



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  1. Jenna

    If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, here’s one of my favorite and QUICK meals!

    1 package bow tie pasta noodles (cooked), 1 jar sundried tomatoes in olive oil, 1 pkg of rosemary/italian chicken sausages (sliced), and 1 container feta cheese

    Throw it all together, and you’re done! I usually serve it warm, but you can serve it chilled as well. A friend brought this for me after having my second baby in May; it’s been a go-to meal since.

  2. two birds

    my kids are 6 and 8, but i am still short on time…i have found that making all the meals on sunday (they even help) for the week is a huge time and money saver for us. that way, i can just heat it up the night of and i have all the more time to spend with my family! these meals all look delicious…i need to make more crock pot meals!

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