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Cut The Line: Expedited Registration For 80 Day Obsession

Hello, friends!

WOW! Jake and I have been SOOO BLOWN away with the interest that we’ve had in our brand new workout program launching on January 15th! We already have over 400+ men and women in our group who have committed to going through this program from start to finish! We start on Monday, and as the deadline to join approaches, we have had a HUGE FLOOD of people who want to register ASAP!

We are typing as quickly as our fingers can, and will be getting back to each and every one of you as soon as possible, but because ordering ASAP is important so that you can get your materials in time, I wanted to create this quick blog post post where you can go ahead and register without having to wait on me!

Normally I like to add a personal note and chat about your goals, but we can do that AFTER you’re registered so you can get your products shipped NOW!

A little bit about the program…

Last summer I received an invitation to be in the official test group for an 80 day program.

They didn’t give us many details at first. I had no idea who the celebrity trainer would be, what the workouts would be like, or what kind of nutrition plan I’d have to follow.

At the time, I was following a pretty strict ketogenic diet + intermittent fasting.

When the program rolled out and I found out that I would be eating a healthy balance of ALL the food groups AND I would be required to eat before my workouts I became really skeptical. I didn’t want to mess up the groove I was in!

But because this was such a unique opportunity and something coaches wait YEARS to be a part of, I decided to go all in with the 80 Day Obsession Test Group. When I found out the program was created by Autumn Calabrese, I couldn’t contain my excitement!

This woman had changed my life with the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme and now I had the chance to have her be my personal trainer and give me 80 brand new workouts?! I was SOOOO GIDDY!!!

Well, it turns out that this program was exactly what I needed. The workouts kicked my and although I didn’t have much weight to lose when I started, I went from a size 2 – 4 to a size 0!

And the nutrition plan was a total game changer. We followed a timed macronutrient eating plan and my metabolism went through the roof. I became a fat burning machine!

And honestly, in my heart of hearts I truly believe this program saved me and my relationship with food.

Although I thought keto was AMAZING at first, I found myself developing a really unhealthy relationship with certain food groups. I was downright scared of eating too much FRUIT because I thought it was going to make me fat! And when I ate a piece of bread? I would wake up feeling horrible the next day, like somehow I had failed.

In the long run, run it just wasn’t sustainable for me. I’m not saying keto doesn’t work for anyone, I’m just saying for me in my personal journey, eating from ALL the food groups keeps me in a much more positive head space. With this program I truly feel that I’ve found a healthy way of eating that’s actually realistic and sustainable for the long haul.

I have never been MORE confident of a program in my entire life! I KNOW this can get you the results you want! Check out these photos of me and my friends from the test group! They are LEGIT!!! 

Since this program is so dynamic and powerful, I put together a video to explain the tools we’ll be using for the 80 days! It’s about 15 minutes and gives you great overview on this program!

Here’s the plan! You will register and I’ll add you to our official 80 Day Obsession Group! I will help you get prepared by posting everything you need to set yourself up for success beforehand!

On January 15th, we will start the official 80 Day Obsession program together! This will run from January 15th – April 15th! I’m so pumped thinking about how AMAZING you will feel in April!

As I mentioned in the video, there are a few different packages you can choose from!

The first option (Full Program) will include EVERYTHING you need for the entire 80 Days (except month 2 & 3 of Shakeology if you choose to continue that).

The second option (A Month At A Time) will include EVERYTHING you need for month one! (This is our most POPULAR package!)

The third option (Start with One) will include ONE nutritional, either Shakeology OR Recover + Energize!

With ANY of these options, you will ALSO get access to our Take Back The Kitchen weekly menus which have been designed by our Registered Dietitian to work with the 80 Day Obsession meal plan!

Below is a graphic that shows the pricing for each of the three options!

Inline image 1

To order, simply go to my website and choose your 80 Day Obsession Challenge Pack!

I would recommend placing your order ASAP so that your materials get here in time for the start date on Monday! 

If you have any other questions that you’d like answered before you register, please email me at

If you are already working with a coach, please reach out to them and ask what options they have available for the 80 Day Obsession!

As soon as you complete registration, please fill out this form so I can make sure everything came through on my end! 

I’m so excited to help you reach your goals and walk alongside you in this journey!



To check out more information about my 80 Day Obsession journey, feel free to scroll through my Facebook & Instagram posts!

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