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The atmosphere we create in our homes has the amazing ability to make our families and friends feel welcomed and loved. While mommy duties often take priority over finding new home decor, it’s fun and energizing when I get the chance to spice up the house a little.

Twin Girls’ Nursery Reveal

The names have been chosen, the walls are painted, the cribs are assembled, and we have enough diapers to get us through I’m guessing the first few days?! We are certainly in the nesting phase, and while I know there’s no way to adequately prepare for what our life will become in a few weeks, we are doing all we can to make sure these little ladies will feel loved and cared for the day they enter our home.

Introducing the nursery of E & M, as they’ll be known as for the next few weeks. Our lips remain sealed on their full names until delivery day! Any guesses?

First things first, Jake did close to all the work on this precious room. From painting the walls, to assembling the furniture, to making homemade decor, he is one heck of a husband and daddy. I am in love with how everything turned out. Join me on the tour!

Stop #1: Plaques with the girls’ initials. My dear husband made these by painting a piece of plywood, painting letters from Michael’s and attaching them to the wood, and building a frame to fit around it. The ampersand was an Etsy purchase.


Stop #2: The right wall. This is the first wall you see when you walk through the door.

IMG_8872Here’s the dresser! We purchased all the furniture for their room from They have a HUGE selection and lots of different price points, depending on what you’re looking for. We also have the Target Debit card which is different from the Target credit card because you use a pin number and it pulls straight from your checking account instead of having to pay a bill. It gives you 5% off every purchase and free shipping for all online orders which saved us over $200 and came with the the added convenience of everything being delivered to our door!

On top of the dresser you see a lamp from Home Goods, stuffed animals from Uncle Joey and Aunt Madison, a heart wreath from Target, and the letters, vase, and flowers are from Michaels. Oh, and a white noise machine from Wal-Mart. With all the construction going on in our neighborhood, that machine is my saving grace to keep my kiddos in slumberland.

IMG_8835This is the stocked changing table complete with homemade burp cloths and washcloths from my wonderful mom! She has been sewing up a storm for these girlies.

IMG_8838Stop #3: The left wall. IMG_8871IMG_8857It was a close call, but the two cribs fit perfectly in there. E has been designated dark pink accessories and M will get light pink. I wanted the cribs next to each other so when I’m tending to one, the other will be able to see me and I can easily extend a soothing pat if I need to.

I made the fabric wall flowers, and Jake made the chalkboard, which we’re planning to use to track feedings, dirty diapers, ect. The chalkboard was made with chalkboard paint and the trim is nailed to the wall, so that I have peace of mind that there’s no way it could fall on my princesses.

Stop #4: The door. I just love that girly touches are invading our house at such an intense rate. In a few weeks I’ll be putting everything to use, including these darling homemade bath towels! I also can’t help but get excited when I think about what other cute things will be hung over these hooks throughout the years.

IMG_8883That concludes our tour for now! With that, I’m headed to continue on with my nesting. After today’s report from my doctor, I’m thinking I should probably get my hospital bag packed next! She told me I could technically deliver anytime now and it would be okay. Ideally, we want them to keep cooking for a little while yet and she’d like to induce me sometime between weeks 37 – 38. That means there’s a good chance the babes will be here between March 20 – 27!

There is so much to look forward to on the horizon! God is good!

Lots of Love,





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DIY: Fabric Wall Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re in a relationship or single today, you are SO DEEPLY LOVED!

I’m spending my Valentine’s Day afternoon crafting up some love for the twins’ nursery! Believe it or not, they will be here in just 5 weeks, maybe even sooner! We are working on final touches for their room, and wanted to find something to spruce up the wall above their cribs. I didn’t want to hang anything that could come crashing down on them, so we opted to paint a chalkboard and nail some trim around it. To add pops of color, I’m working on these adorable wall flowers that we’ll be able to securely tack to the wall.

IMG_8652These are simple to make, and take about 30 minutes per wall flower from start to finish. What I love about this technique is that it could be adapted to make endless sized projects! I’ve made a necklace out of mini flowers, and am planning to make the girls some headbands as well!

DIY: Fabric Wall Flowers

IMG_8635Supplies needed:

-1 yard cotton fabric

-1 felt square

-scissors or rotary fabric cutter

-hot glue gun and glue


1. Cut a felt circle that has a diameter of 5 inches. This will serve as the backing for the flower.

IMG_86382. Fold the fabric so you can cut out as many 5 inch diameter circles as possible from the yard. If you have a rotary fabric cutter like I used, I folded the fabric so I only had to make four cuts, since it cuts through quite a few layers. If using a scissors, you’ll probably have to spend a little more time cutting out the circles.

IMG_86393. Now that you have your circles cut out, you’re ready to begin the flower constructing process!

IMG_86434. Taking one fabric circle at a time, fold it in half both ways until you have a shape that looks like the second picture below.


IMG_86455. Place a dot of hot glue in the center of the felt circle and glue the tip of the “petal” to the felt, pushing down firmly with your fingers. Be careful not to burn your finger with the hot glue.

IMG_86466. Repeat that process, working in a circle from the center of the felt to the outside, placing the tips of the petals as close to each other as possible.

IMG_86477. Be sure to lift up the previous petals before you glue the next piece to make sure you cover all the felt and your flower is nice and plush.

IMG_86488. The flower is finished when you’ve used up all the fabric!

IMG_8649Here’s a sneak peak of how our flowers are looking in the nursery! I’m excited to finish the rest of them up! Be on the lookout for a nursery reveal post sometime during the next week!

IMG_8660Question: Have you done a DIY flower project of any sort? If so, please share what you did and how you used it!

Happy crafting!


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Home Decor Shopping

Good Morning! I missed all of you yesterday! Instead of a workout, I enjoyed being pampered at the salon last night…it was PURE BLISS. A good rest day is just what I needed.

Now, on to home decor shopping! After living in our house for just under a couple months, I’m slowly but surely making progress on decorating, but still have so far to go. I’m the type that would rather have bare walls and wait for the perfect piece or idea to come along instead of just throwing something up there to fill the space. However, I feel like I’m on somewhat of a time crunch because I’d really like to have a bunch of the rooms finished before our twins come in late March. I know my time for extra things like decorating will be very limited after their arrival.

With that said, I need your help! I would love your suggestions on where you have had luck finding home decor for your home. I’m pretty thrifty when it comes to decorations, so I’d welcome recommendations for places that give you a big bang for your buck. I tend to like a bit of a rustic and antique style of decor. Truth be told, most of my things come from Home Goods. My house would be completely bare without that place!

Here’s a sample of the type of look I’m going for with my house…we found all these pieces for our mantle at…you guessed it, Home Goods! I especially enjoy the decorations when they’re paired with watching Sean on Live! With Kelly & Michael. ;)

photo-28 photo-29

Question for YOU:

Where do you buy your home decor? Where can I find good deals, friends? Please share your secrets!

Make it a wonderful day today, finding a few minutes of “me time!”


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DIY: Ladder Towel Rack

Upon moving into this house, we discovered that none of the bathrooms had towel racks. We installed new ones in our last house and knew that it could turn into an expensive project if you simply go to Home Depot or Menards. Therefore, this time around we tried to be a bit thrifty. After several trips to Home Goods I found enough matching towel racks to cover most of the bathrooms, and they were only a fraction of the price of home improvement stores. With the last bathroom, which is a small water closet on our main floor, I wanted to doing something more creative.

I decided a ladder would make for a perfect towel rack, so we set out to get the supplies. At the home improvement store we purchased wooden dowels, a couple wooden strips for the sides, and wood screws. We had leftover stain from my DIY: Pegboard Jewelry Organizer, so we didn’t have to worry about purchasing more of that.

I put Jake to work and within about 20 minutes he had the ladder assembled. After that he put a couple coats of stain on, and voila! Done and done! All it took was a few measurements, cuts, and drilling, and we had not only a functional towel rack, but a decorative piece for our water closet. Even if you don’t have much handyman experience, this project isn’t too tough to figure out.


The total price for this little baby came in at around $10! I’m thinking of decorating a couple other places in our house using ladders to perform other functions. I’ll keep you posted if we come up with something that’s worth sharing!

Question of the Day: 

Do you have a functional DIY piece in your home that you’re particularly excited about? I need inspiration! 

Make it a wonderful day today!





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Sperry Slippers Giveaway: Pinterest Entry

Thanks to those of you who entered the giveaway yesterday!

Sperry Slipper Gold

Before I share about a second way to enter today, I wanted to tell you what you can typically expect on Thursdays here at Mommy’s Me Time. Thursdays will be dedicated to something pertaining to our homes, meaning I’ll share either a DIY project, organization idea, or a fun home decor concept.

A little more about these categories…

Do It Yourself

While it’s definitely more convenient to run to the store and buy something when I need it, when possible its so much more rewarding to make it myself. With Pinterest at our fingertips, dabbling in DIY projects is totally approachable. Not to mention, I have a pretty handy husband who helps make it fun!


For me, organization means efficiency. When I’m efficient I have more time to do the things I love. When my house is clean and organized, I feel freedom to sit back and relax, because I’m not thinking about the mountains of laundry or dust bunnies I need to get rid of. This does not mean my house has to be perfect. It means I have to set realistic goals, do a little bit each day, and be content when I get most of the things on my list done.


The atmosphere we create in our homes has the amazing ability to make our families and friends feel welcomed and loved. While mommy duties often take priority over finding new home decor, it’s fun and energizing when I get the chance to spice up the house a little.

Since we’re talking about our homes, it’s only fitting that the official way to enter the Sperry Slippers Giveaway today is by following me on Pinterest, where I get much of my inspiration for such things. Again, please enter using Rafflecopter below. Your entries are only valid when entered using Rafflecopter. This giveaway is open to USA residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make it a great day, and remember to take a few minutes for yourself!


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